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Commercial Opportunities

Commercial real estate can offer a wide range of investment advantages:
Income tax relief, appreciation, capital accumulation and even lifestyle change.

When looking to buy commercial property for a real estate investment, John Vlad has the resources to address the opportunities in the Florida Keys and to answer the important questions. He has both the local knowledge of the Florida Keys real estate plus the first hand experience of business. Having owned and operated a commercial business for over 30 years, he is equipped to assist in the complex issues of proper location selection, appraisals of the commercial property or business opportunity and finally the property management. John has the access to the business opportunities in the Florida Keys and the resources to access the issues of zoning, environmental, occupancy requirements and profit potential. John can help to the analyze trends, locations and demographics so that you can reach your business objective.

Commercial Opportunities

The Florida Keys consists of communities that thrive on tourism and the boating industry as major sources of revenues. Activities as boating, fishing, diving, eco-tours and even sunset watching prevail wherever you go in the Florida Keys. Businesses related to these activities can thrive. Motels, apartments, bars shops and restaurants are all intertwined in the industry and are valuable business opportunities. Take advantage of a good opportunity….Invest in the Florida Keys!

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