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netflix New drama series for Nexflix is filming in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. Apparently, the producers of the Netflix series choose the location because of the color of the water in the Florida Keys. “When they had to make the final decision, it was the color of the water,” Chavez said. “You can’t find that anywhere else.” – article

The Netflix series is executive produced by Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman and Glenn Kessel, hence KZK. These KZK signs are seen all over the keys as filming locations move about. There does not seem to be a name for this Florida Keys series by Netflix.

Filming of the Netflix series began filming late in March and will probably go thru October. They have been all over the town of Islamorada filming at all of our favorite local places. Locations vary from the fabulous Moorings Village and Spa to the local gas station Tiny’s Bait and Gas. Other locations include Alabama Jack’s on Card Sound Road, The Oceanview Inn and Pub, and the Whistle Stop. Boats have been seen filming on the bay at sunset and other times. The crew has been very discreet and respectful of the community. Locals have been notified in advance whenever filming was occurring in their area. Every once in a while, Sissy Spacek or other stars have been seen in restaurants and places as Islamorada’s own Cheeca Lodge and Spa. A little dazzle in our small community in the Florida Keys.

I am looking forward to watching this new series. One reason, for the story line. Second important reason, to see this town on screen. It is true, that Islamorada in the Florida Keys is a spectacular place for a setting of a story. It certainly is a beautiful place to live.

The Netflix series in Islamorada will be comprised of 13 episodes produced by Sony Pictures Television. It will have any amazing cast:

  • Sissy “Spacek will play Sally, the mother to Mendelsohn and stars Kyle Chandler,the middle son, John,and Linda Cardellini, who is as the youngest of the four siblings.-
  • Kyle “Chandler will play John, the married middle brother who takes care of the family, who is described as the kind of responsible guy who would work in law enforcement and the opposite of his older, black-sheep brother, Danny”.–
  • Linda “Cardellini will play Meg, the youngest of four siblings in the close-knit family. The complex character with secrets is a skilled attorney who is described as a warm people-pleaser who uses her charm to navigate life, including with men, at work and with her family” –
  • “Oscar nominee Shepard (The Right Stuff) will star as Robert, the patriarch of the family” –