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contract “Sorry, that property is now under contract” seems to be a common answer that I have to give to my Florida Keys real estate shoppers.

Many buyers are not convinced that the real estate market in the Florida Keys is on the move. Properties in the Florida Keys are selling. Recently, a difficult task I have is getting my out of town buyers to realize that a property that they are interested in is also one that someone else may very well be interested in. I try to explain: If you think its a great house, a good buy, most likely someone else is thinking the same. The property that they are thinking about buying tomorrow may be purchased by the person who thought that same thing yesterday.

The phrase “you snooze, you lose” comes from the old Aesop Fable about the tortoise and the hare. The overconfident hare takes a nap while the slow and steady tortoise arrives before him. Buyers who are over confident that the market will wait for them are finding out that the educated buyer who recognizes an opportunity moves forward and gets the deal.

I recommend to my potential buyers:

  1. use my website to browse all the real estate in the Florida Keys.
  2. sign up for notifications of any real estate that comes onto the market that meets their search criteria.
    have finances in order
  3. be ready to make a realistic offer when they find the right house, lot or property.
  4. Real estate is a moving target. When is the right time to make an offer on real estate in the Florida Keys? When the right property is found. A reasonable, fair offer should be made as soon as possible.

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