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sign I have spent the last few days with my Islamorada real estate buyers from out of town. They are looking for a vacation home in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. They know the area and are informed, qualified and motivated. This is a couple of buyers that every listing in Islamorada in their price range should want to show. Their schedule is tight and their focus is keen. The first showing cut comes from the MLS listing and how the home shows on the internet. The best internet showing home move into the next round where the sellers real estate agent comes into the ring. In this round, I encounter a wide variety of Florida Keys real estate agent styles when representing their home sellers.

Wow, what a diverse group of agents. While the majority of the Islamorada real estate listing agents are wonderful and professional, I dealt with a few that made me wonder, what the home seller was thinking when they selected their listing real estate agent. Possibly they felt that the home would sell itself. I don’t think so. The truth is, the listing real estate agent is a key ingredient in how the home for sale is presented to the potential buyer.

The first most important factor is that the home is available for showings. It is the real estate listing agents responsibility to coordinate their schedule with a buyers tight schedule and work with the the sellers schedule as to its availability and oh yes…showing condition. The listing agent must assure that the listing does not miss out on any valuable showings. My out of town buyers are only in town for a short period of time. Time and schedule are crucial. I want to be sure that they get the best viewing opportunity.

Next, the listing agent must receive the buyer in a professional manner so that the home stands alone…or should I say stands out. The listing agent must assure that the home shows well. They must add value to the showing. History, features and important information about the house need to be readily available to me, the buyers agent and also the buyer.

My buyers come into town to search for their dream home in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. I clear my schedule for them. Every showing counts and first impressions matter. I do my best to select the homes that meet my buyers needs and interests. I must then coordinate with each individual listing agent. Each are as different as the homes for sale. Their approach, schedule, experience, knowledge and attitudes all come into play. I fit the listings together to form a smooth time table of house viewings. A day well spent searching for that one special home in paradise.

With any luck ( and I don’t mean luck) I get a new neighbor in Islamorada in the fabulous Florida Keys!

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