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Conchland is on twitter. Conchland has 1000 followers on twitter and it’s growing …wow. It is truly amazing the interesting and valuable information that I find on twitter as I follow industry peers, real estate professionals, Florida Keys locals, networking contacts, and wonderful people from all over the country and the world interested in the Florida Keys.

Thank you to all of my twitter followers who help share the love of the Florida Keys and also spread the word on Florida Keys real estate. Thank you for your retweets and favorites. @ and # have become important terms in my vocabulary. Using them on twitter, I am able to research most any topic. There is a twitter language all its own. It was kinda weird at first not actually knowing anyone on twitter. I then began to form relationships with others interested in the Florida Keys lifestyle by tweeting my thoughts and resources. I then began meeting tweeters in person forming business relationships and even personal friendships. It certainly makes the world a lot smaller and the Florida Keys even larger, if that makes any sense.

I love #floridakeysliving
You can find me @conchland #seeyouthere