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Investing in real estate in the Florida Keys has tremendous buyer benefits for the international buyer who wants to diversify. Having worked with buyers from all over the world, I think it is important to mention a few key points that have unique differences for global sales and real estate investments in the Florida Keys.

1) In many countries outside of the US real estate listings are not shared among the real estate agents. A buyer must deal with many real estate brokers in order to find and see what is available in the real estate market to determine the best property. In the US and in the Florida Keys all of the properties listed for sale are combined into one MLS (multiple listing service) which is readily available to a real estate agent who is licensed and a member of the Florida Keys Board of Realtors.

I like to think that I have every great property in the Florida Keys in my personal inventory. I can pull out virtually any property combination that the buyer may want without any prejudice or personal preference.

2) Requirements of the financing banks differ for international buyers as they generally do not have a US credit history or social security number. Banks may require larger down payments and additional closing fees.

3) It is important to have a connection to international attorneys particularly when a buyer is a corporation or an LLC or bringing funds in from out of the US.

4) All information of the buyer and the transaction must remain confidential.

An international buyer should select a real estate agent who has experience and knowledge in dealing with these requirements specific to international sales and finance.