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When buying real estate in the Florida Keys, several key decisions must be made in narrowing down your search and ultimately determining your best property to own. Price or budget is always a major factor and becomes a driving force in all the other considerations. Location is key factor in this decision. The Florida Keys are composed of a chain of islands together spanning 110 miles. Each island in the Florida Keys offers unique qualities. Key Largo offers closest proximity to the mainland for convenience and services yet famous for diving and snorkeling. Key West at the other end of the island chain has the opposite effect allowing one to be most remote from the big cities where you can hideaway in a unique and cultural city. There are quite a few islands that fit between these extremes offering shades of different island life. Waterfront exposure or accessibility to the ocean or gulf must be considered. Distance to bridges and bridge clearances may or may not be important. Fishing, diving, island life, schools, hospitals, communities are all factors to consider when selecting the right location or neighborhood to focus on when searching for real estate in the Florida Keys. Once these issues are prioritized and blended within the real estate budget, one can begin a proper real estate search. Definitely a visit, vacation or extended stay is a good idea for becoming familiar with the wonderfully unique Florida Keys and its constantly moving inventory of properties for sale. My resources page offers important links to the individual chamber of commerces of the Florida Keys.