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The first real real estate question in 2012: Is this the right time to buy real estate. As a real estate agent in the Florida Keys following the real estate trends, I find that this is a great time for many to buy real estate, either residential or commercial in the Florida Keys. Per CNN Money: In 2011, real estate prices dropped about 5%. Economists forecast this trend to reverse course in 2012. It is predicted nationwide that 2012 prices will stabilize with a slight upward turn of .25%.

  • Real estate prices have stopped falling.
  • Mortgage rates are at a record low.
  • Real estate prices are cheap.
  • The worst of foreclosures are over, with few new foreclosures.
  • The Florida Keys offers a limited and desirable location.It seems that buying Florida Keys real estate in 2012 is a smart move if it is appropriate for you. I suggest that you consider your lifestyle, your goals, your income and your financial stability. If you are looking to put down roots, or add that vacation home to your portfolio, then buying that special real estate in the Florida Keys is a great decision for 2012. Don’t try to flip it…try to live the Florida Keys. Watch the CNN Money video