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Do not confuse cheap with value in the real estate market

Because price has become such a huge issue in the real estate news, I feel like cheap can be confused with value even in the Florida Keys. In today’s world of falling prices one sometimes loses sight of the real goal. True Real Estate Investment Value is the goal. When it comes to real estate in the fabulous Florida Keys, there is a big difference between the cheapest home and the best real estate value. As I show and sell properties throughout the keys from Key Largo to Marathon to Key West, I marvel at the beautiful choices and real estate opportunities for buyers today. I encourage my successful buyers to focus on Price Value, Resale Value and most importantly Personal Value.

  • Price value : Do not confuse buying real estate in the Florida Keys with bargain basement shopping. While a great deal sometimes can be found at the end of a day of bargain hunting, more often the good stuff is gone by early morning. While some buyers continue to wait for the so called bottom of the real estate market in the Florida Keys,the properties with the best views, best access, and most uniqueness will already be sold in the current market.
  • Resale value : Waiting for the price bottom results in finding the last property for sale, the compromised property, the least desirable. With this type of purchase, the resale component of a real estate investment is greatly reduced. Our real estate inventories here in the Florida Keys have been reduced by 28% since the first of the year. Very often, a buyer misses the right property because someone else presented a contract first.
  • Personal value : Properties in the Florida Keys are unlike property anywhere else. They have unique qualities and individual features that cannot be reproduced. In the Florida Keys the homes are either right on the water or extremely near to the coast line. Water access, dockage, ocean views, location, location. The value of an investment or residential property can be totally intrinsic to an individual desires. An important factor in purchasing a home or even a commercial piece of real estate in the Florida Keys is the life style that comes with that purchase. In the Florida Keys, you can find the perfect blend of real estate and lifestyle.

Do not find yourself talking about the cheapest deal you will get, talk about the great value you own in real estate in the Florida Keys, the best place to be!