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My wife insisted that I stand in line in to get our photo taken at the southermost point marker located in Key West on the corner of South Street and Whitehead. While the Southernmost point was first marked with a sign, the city of Key West erected the now famous concrete marker in 1983 buillt to resemble a buoy. Today, it is one the most visited and photgraphed attractions in Key West in the Florida Keys.

On the top of the monument is painted the logo of the Conch Republic. It seems that twenty years ago, Key West, seeking to enhance its reputation as a free-wheeling, fun-loving kind of town, seceded from the United States, declaring itself “The Conch Republic”. The large red, yellow and black buoy proudly calls Key West the “Home of the Sunset”. The buoy also marks the proximity to cuba stating “90 miles to Cuba”

There is a bit of controversy over the facts: This celebrated point actually is not the southernmost point on the island of Key West. There are slightly further bits of land: Points at Harry Truman Annex and Fort Zachary Taylor which are located further south, but are not accessible to traffic and civilians. Also,”90 miles to Cuba” is a rounded number, as Cuba,at its nearest point is 94 (81 nautical) miles due south of Key West,Florida.

However, whether you simply travel to see, stand in line or photograph this moment in one’s life, it is well worth it, as everyone is friendly and gracious in the spirit of Key West. You can easily find someone closeby to help you with the photo taking so that everyone is in the picture. Great fun to do and spectacular to see.

Directions to finding this famous buoy at the Southermost Point in the Contintental US located in Key West in the Florida Keys are simple…follow US 1 south until you can drive no further Stay awhile, relax and enjoy the view!