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I love to watch the tarpon jump at the famous Robbies in Islamorada .Occasionally, a tarpon actually rises up from the water in a powerful flash of silver and green to meet the fish as it leaves your hand. It’s a sight to behold! Another beautiful creature looking to be fed are the resident pelicans competing for a treat causing quite a spectacle!

These eastern brown pelicans can be found throughout the Florida Keys, along all waterways, canals, estuaries, boat docks, ocean shorelines and piers, and are often seen around many of the popular seaside cafes drawn by tourist in hopes of getting a free handout!
The Brown Pelican has an enormous bill and expandable throat pouch to catch fish under water. Unlike other pelicans, the Brown Pelican captures its prey by way of a spectacular head-first dive in the water from considerable heights. photo of pelicans in dive.