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Dogs bury anything they consider of value, especially a bone.

Bury your financial bone in the Florida Keys. The shore line in the Florida Keys is a finite resource. There will be no new shoreline forming ocean side or bayside. The pricing of real estate in the Florida Keys is at the lowest point ever. As savvy home buyers are taking advantage of this situation, the supply of home and property inventories in the Keys are moving down. The number one recovery area in Florida is the Florida Keys. At this time everyone is trying to predict the bottom of the stock market and the real estate market. The Keys are the first to go down and the first to recover.

Our residential prices are down 40-50 % from the high of 2006. We are already feeling the recovery results on our investments in the Keys. This a huge opportunity for young Executives to gain a real estate position for retirement or for life style changes.

In today’s world many jobs are performed outside of the office. Working remotely has become very popular with employers and professionals. Why not work in the best climate, with the least amount of stress in a small town environment.

Island living is the best investment you will ever make in your self and family. In addition to the lifestyle and the beautiful sunsets the Florida Keys have wonderful recreational opportunities: boating, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Make the Florida Keys your place to bury your investment bone. I have.