Bury your Financial Bone in the Florida Keys

Dogs bury anything they consider of value, especially a bone.

Bury your financial bone in the Florida Keys. The shore line in the Florida Keys is a finite resource.  There will be no new shoreline forming ocean side or bayside.  The pricing of real estate in the Florida Keys is at the lowest point ever. As savvy home buyers are taking advantage of this situation, the supply of home and property inventories in the Keys are moving down. The number one recovery area in Florida is the Florida Keys. At this time everyone is trying to predict the bottom of the stock market and the real estate market. The Keys are the first to go down and the first to recover.
Our residential prices are down 40-50 % from the high of 2006. We are already feeling the recovery results on our investments in the Keys. This a huge opportunity for young Executives to gain a real estate  position for retirement or for life style changes.
In today’s world many jobs are performed outside of the office. Working remotely has become very popular with employers and professionals. Why not work in the best climate, with the least amount of stress in a small town environment.
Island living is the best investment you will ever make in your self and family. In addition to the lifestyle and the beautiful sunsets the Florida Keys have wonderful recreational opportunities: boating, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving.
Make the Florida Keys your place to bury your investment bone. I have.

The Southermost Point of the Continental US

My wife insisted that I stand in line in to get our photo taken at the southermost point marker located in Key West on the corner of South Street and Whitehead. While the Southernmost point was first marked with a sign, the city of Key West erected the now famous concrete marker in 1983 buillt to resemble a buoy. Today, it is one the most visited and photgraphed attractions in Key West in the Florida Keys.

On the top of the monument is painted the logo of the Conch Republic. It seems that twenty years ago, Key West, seeking to enhance its reputation as a free-wheeling, fun-loving  kind of town, seceded from the United States, declaring itself “The Conch Republic”. The large red, yellow and black buoy proudly calls Key West the “Home of the Sunset”. The buoy also marks the proximity to cuba stating “90 miles to Cuba”
There is a bit of controversy over the facts: This celebrated point actually is not the southernmost point on the island of Key West. There are slightly further bits of land: Points at Harry Truman Annex and Fort Zachary Taylor which are located further south, but are not accessible to traffic and civilians. Also,”90 miles to Cuba” is a rounded number, as Cuba,at its nearest point is 94 (81 nautical) miles due south of Key West,Florida.
However, whether you simply travel to see, stand in line or photograph this moment in one’s life, it is well worth it, as everyone is friendly and gracious in the spirit of Key West. You can easily find someone closeby to help you with the photo taking so that everyone is in the picture. Great fun to do and spectacular to see.
Directions to finding this famous buoy at the Southermost Point in the Contintental US located in Key West in the Florida Keys are simple…follow US 1 south until you can drive no further Stay awhile, relax and enjoy the view!

Islamorada Art Walk

Fine arts, music and culinary nuances of Islamorada are featured during the Aug. 18, Third Thursday Art Walk, showcasing national and Florida Keys-based artists in galleries at Morada Way between mile marker 81 and 82. Stroll among original artwork and live music from 6-10 p.m

Pelicans in the Florida Keys

I love to watch the tarpon jump at the famous Robbies in Islamorada .Occasionally, a tarpon actually rises up from the water in a powerful flash of silver and green to meet the fish as it leaves your hand. It’s a sight to behold! Another beautiful creature looking to be fed are the resident pelicans competing for a treat causing quite a spectacle!
These eastern brown pelicans can be found throughout the Florida Keys, along all waterways, canals, estuaries, boat docks, ocean shorelines and piers, and are often seen around many of the popular seaside cafes drawn by tourist in hopes of getting a free handout!
The Brown Pelican has an enormous bill and expandable throat pouch to catch fish under water. Unlike other pelicans, the Brown Pelican captures its prey by way of a spectacular head-first dive in the water from considerable heights. photo of pelicans in dive.

Virtual Real Estate

The ability to access information over the internet is linking people to each other, bringing stores into homes and closing the distance between where you live today and where you could live tommorrow. Google Maps, satellites, high resolution images, fast moving emails, texts and social networking coupled with a savy internet real estate agent all enhance the ability to expore the world of the virtual real estate experience. The extensive process of searching and finding the right home or property can be done online from the home computer at one’s leisure. More and more often, I am becoming an extension of my clients search using my eyes, ears and digital Nikon to allow them to feel as though they are virtually here in the Florida Keys. I love it when they can visualize their purchase and make their paradise a reality.
Gotta love my custom MLS search tool at www.conchland.com/MLS.html

Conchland on Facebook

I am excitied to report the launching and the “naming” of my conchland facebook page. Thanks to all my fans for their support.The page can be found at www.facebook.com/conchland.

Join me on facebook. Please check it out and “like” the page so that you can stay connected to local events in the Florida Keys, new listings and hearing about happy new homeowners. You can even make your own comments. Love to hear from you.
Facebook gives that personal touch to finding Florida Keys Real Estate. Finding property in the Florida Keys is actually about finding the Florida Keys Life.



Key Largo and The Movie

One of my favorite history and guide books on the Florida Keys is written by Joy Williams “The Florida Keys quot;

Joy Williams writes – The town of Key Largo was originally known as Rock Harbor. Real estate promoters sought to cash in on the publicity given the 1948 Bogart-Bacall movie and circulated a petition to have the name changed. The request was granted by postal authorities in 1952, and Rock Harbor became Key Largo.
The movie Key Largo, with the exception of a few interior set scenes shot inside the bar the Caribbean Club, was filmed entirely on a soundstage in Hollywood. The film itself may be drenched with Bogart charisma, but it certainly is counterfeit Keys; director John Huston ornamented the script with California touches such as fog and kelp. However, the fact that the actors never came to Key Largo, and that the film was not shot here, did not faze the town’s boosters. Key West had Hemingway, why shouldn’t Largo have Bogie? To compound matters, the owner of the Holiday Inn, maintaining that “Key Largo is laden with memories of the great actor,” bought the riverboat used in the Bogart movie The African Queen (which was filmed mostly in England) and now offers “excursions” in it, when the engine’s working, from his dock. As a random touch, he has the original Chris-Craft boat that was used in the movie On Golden Pond there as well?although there’s a suspicion that it’s really a double of the boat that was used in the movie, thereby rendering any experience you might have seeing it possibly doubly meaningless.

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